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Northern Territory Shadow Treasurer John Elferink

Labor’s Gap Year

Victor P Taffa

The Chief Minister must detail exactly when the Government’s Back To School bonus increase kicks in.

Shadow Treasurer, John Elferink, said the Government’s policy supporting documents show Labor’s bonus extension doesn’t begin until the 2014 school year.


“There is no money available in Labor’s so-called ‘fully costed’ analysis for the 2012-13 year meaning parents, who have until the end of term 1 to acquit the bonus, will miss out on the increase next year.” Mr. Elferink said.

“Under Labor, parents will only get $75 when their kids return to school.”

“Only a Country Liberals Government will give parents the full $150 bonus increase in 2013.” Mr. Elferink said.

“This latest failure shows Labor cannot be trusted to tell the truth to Territory families.” Mr. Elferink said.


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