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Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

Labor Wants Live Exports Banned

Victor P Taffa

The Labor Party’s secret agenda to scrap live cattle exports has been exposed.

Opposition Leader Terry Mills said moves by Labor to debate the phase out of live exports at next month’s national conference shows the Party’s total disregard for the ongoing and sustainable development of the Territory economy.


“The Labor Party thinks the Territory can be pushed around regardless of what’s in our own best interest.” Mr. Mills said.

“The Labor Government’s ban on live exports to Indonesia delivered a significant hit to the local economy and local families now the Party wants to make the ban permanent.”

“Territorians had to endure the spectacle of Paul Henderson nodding compliantly as Julia Gillard announced details of the export ban to Indonesia earlier this year.”

“On this occasion, there’s a very strong expectation that the Chief Minister immediately speaks out against this motion and attempts to exert some influence.” Mr. Mills said.


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