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South Australia Shadow Minister for Water Mitch Williams

New Financial Year, Labor Gets Its Hand In Your Wallet Like Never Before

Victor P Taffa

Today sees high taxing Labor at its worst. We all know that Labor is synonymous with huge taxes but come the new financial year the State and Federal Governments will scale to new heights in the way that they extract cash from householder’s pockets.

“South Australians should be dreading 1 July.” Shadow Minister for Water, Mitch Williams said.

“As of 1 July Federal Labor’s carbon tax will drive up the cost of everything we buy.”


“As of 1 July South Australian householders will pay an extra $114 on their electricity bills to pay for Labor’s botched solar feed in scheme.” Mr. Williams said.

“As of 1 July South Australian households will be paying 25 % extra for water rates.”

“As of 1 July the State Government solid waste levy will drive up council rates.” Mr. Williams said.

“As of 1 July our councils will also be forced to increase their rates to recoup the costs of the carbon tax.”

“Stupid policy decisions have left Labor grasping for every dollar they can extract from householder’s wallets.”

“South Australians are sick and tired of having to pay for Labor’s mistakes.” Mr. Williams said.


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