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New South Wales Shadow Treasurer & Manly MP Mike Baird

Win With Late-Night Bus Service For Manly

Victor P Taffa

The trial of Manly’s late-night shuttle service terminated this week but Manly MP Mike Baird has secured an extension due to its effectiveness in reducing alcohol-related assaults.

“Everyone in Manly wants to see people getting home safely at night and fewer alcohol-related incidents.” Mr. Baird said.

“Frankly it was crazy that the late-night shuttle service would not continue after such a successful trial.”

“We’re pleased to have just secured an extension with the Minister for Transport so the trial will continue for another 12 months.”


“Manly is the best place in the world to live but no-one would deny we face challenges with alcohol-related incidents after midnight.” Mr. Baird said.

“Manly Police told the Manly Safety Committee last week that the late-night shuttle has delivered a substantial decline in alcohol-related assaults.”

“Enabling people to get home quickly at night is critical both in ensuring their safety and preventing antisocial behaviour.”

“Northside Shuttles has done a terrific job in the trial, which was provided through an exemption order under the Passenger Transport Act last year.” Mr. Baird said.

“While we are certainly not there yet Manly Police, Manly Council and licensees are working together to reduce alcohol-related problems.”

“Early closing times are critical in achieving this aim and it is disappointing the State Government’s latest initiative does not address this factor.”

“However, we are grateful the Transport Minister has listened to the community’s call for the Manly Night Shuttle to continue.”

“We are confident assaults in Manly will continue to be driven down as a result of the genuine determination in the local community.” Mr. Baird said.

Editor Victor P Taffa has previously been a taxi-cab driver in Sydney. With regular monotony the New South Wales Labor Government spins the line that “people can catch a cab.”

This line of thinking simply shows how out of touch the State Government is on transport.

The problems lie as Mr. Baird points out is the lack of late night bus services. Putting more taxi-cabs on the road only leads to a poorer standard of taxi service.

Taxi driver shifts are usually 2×12 hour shifts. The answer lies in changing taxi shifts to 3×8 hour shifts.

This change can only be made through the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the shift change would spread the load of cabs so there would be less ‘downtime’ and more cabs on the road.


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