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South Australia Shadow Minister for Agriculture Adrian Pederick

Libs Block Labor’s Biosecurity Fees Hike

Victor P Taffa

The Liberal Opposition has supported an amendment to block the Labor Government’s ability to introduce the Biosecurity Fee an impost on our food producers and stock owners.

The Liberals supported the amendments to the Statutes Amendment and Repeal (Budget 2012) Bill in the Legislative Council to ensure that Primary Industries in South Australia were not forced to wear another fee introduced by the Weatherill Labor Government.

The amendments could have been debated when the Livestock Act was open in the last months, but the Weatherill Labor Government has tried to sneak these provisions through as part of the State Budget.

“This is just another example of the Weatherill Labor Government’s attitude towards farmers and our Primary Industries.” Shadow Agriculture Minister Adrian Pederick said.

“It also shows no respect to the Government Committee chaired by Dennis Mutton, or the Environment, Resource and Development Committee, who are investigating this proposal.”

“Labor keeps slashing services for Primary Industries and then wants farmers to subsidise the shell of a department that is left.” Mr. Pederick said.

“This Government has already shown complete disregard for the views and needs of one of the most important industries in this state.”

“This fee is an impost on our food producers and stock owners it is vital that SA farm products remain competitive on world markets.” Mr. Pederick said.


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