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Senator for Tasmania Guy Barnett

Barnett’s Successful Senate Motion Forces Government To Act On Musselroe Bay Wind Farm

Victor P Taffa

“The Senate Motion moved successfully on Wednesday this week has forced Federal Labor into action in support of renewable energy projects and the Musselroe Bay Wind Farm.” Senator for Tasmania Guy Barnett said today.

“The Rudd Government’s announced changes today to the Renewable Energy Target Scheme confirm the Government has been sitting on its hands for too long.”



“The changes proposed by Labor are not expected to come into effect until 1 January 2011 and the Government has not released any modelling or detail about today’s decision. The devil is often in the detail. It would appear however, that its actions in response to public pressure from North-East Tasmania in particular, and the loss of jobs in that community has finally forced the Government into action.”

“It is sad that it has taken the loss of more than 30 jobs for Labor to finally see reason. My Senate Motion was supported on the voices but was opposed by Labor, including Tasmanian Labor Senators.” Senator Barnett said.

“My Motion highlighted major flaws in the design of the Federal Government’s Renewable Energy Target legislation and noted that the Federal Government was warned of these flaws by industry and opposition parties. The Motion further noted that the Government’s failure to act was threatening the financial viability of major renewable energy projects such as the Musselroe Bay Wind Farm in North-East Tasmania. The Motion condemned the Government accordingly.” Senator Barnett said.

Former New South Wales Premier Nathan Rees regularly went around New South Wales with cameras in tow extolling the virtues of wind farms. Given that Tasmania Labor Senators opposed the motion of Senator Barnett it would seem that Labor does not care for the environment.

With a State election looming how can Tasmania Premier David Bartlett expect Greens preferences given Labor’s voting record on wind farms?


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