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Victoria Shadow Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

More People, Fewer Houses- Labor’s Planning Legacy

Victor P Taffa

Critical Need To Speed Up Precinct Structure Planning

Despite forecasts showing Victoria’s rapid population growth is set to continue indefinitely, there are no additional measures, support or money to speed up State Government structure planning and bring land to market in the 2010 State Budget.

Victoria Shadow Minister for Planning Matthew Guy said with Victoria projected to add the equivalent of a city the size of Bendigo to its ranks each year, the need to speed up Precinct Structure Planning was now critical, yet the 2010 State Budget contained only a lot of talk and no action.

“Labor’s Precinct Structure Plans are now the biggest roadblock in a long list of red tape added to Victoria’s planning system during Labor’s 11-year reign.” Mr. Guy said.


“The Brumby Government has yet again missed a key opportunity to focus on bringing land to market as soon as possible to improve housing affordability.”

“It is totally unsustainable for Victoria’s population to boom while the State Government does nothing about speeding up its own tired planning systems.” Mr. Guy said.

Mr. Guy said it now takes more than five years for farmland to be converted to land where housing can be built, with the major roadblock being Labor’s Precinct Structure Plans (PSP).

“There are no resources set aside to cope with the dozens of new structure plans that will be required should the Urban Growth Boundary be altered.” Mr. Guy said.

“Land supply is now the most critical issue facing the metropolitan housing market with house prices soaring and home ownership slipping out of the reach of a generation of Victorians.”

“Labor’s failure to do a single thing about speeding up land supply reflects its tired approach to planning, typified by its part-time Planning Minister.” Mr. Guy said.


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