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Tasmania Deputy Opposition Leader Jeremy Rockliff

Millions Of Dollars Wasted-More Rail Incompetence From Sturges

Victor P Taffa

Tasmania Deputy Opposition Leader Jeremy Rockliff has blasted the sheer waste and mismanagement caused by the Bartlett Government over rail sleepers.

Revelations that the Labor Government has wasted millions of dollars on ineffective steel rail sleepers highlights how incompetent this Government and Minister for Infrastructure Graeme Sturges are.


It also highlights why Tasmania needs the real change of a Hodgman Liberal Government, which will run our state and our railways properly.

Mr. Sturges must explain exactly how many millions of dollars this bungle has the Tasmanian taxpayer.

Given reports that this bungle has meant there are now safety concerns about the operation of our rail service, Mr. Sturges must also immediately guarantee that lives and property are not in danger.

“A year ago Mr. Sturges sat on his hands and allowed our rail service to reach the brink of collapse then he closed one of the state’s main rail lines, putting hundreds of extra truck movements onto the Midland Highway.”

“Now, through his incompetence, it is literally coming off the rails. It’s just not good enough.” Mr. Rockliff said.

Railway lines throughout Australia must be upgraded and expanded if this nation is to meet the challenges of both an expanding and also ageing population.

High speed rail from Sydney-Perth and a rail ferry to carry trains from Victoria to Tasmania will provide an economic stimulus well into the 2050’s.


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