Labor Powerbroker Gets Heavy On Housing Tenants

Labor Powerbroker Gets Heavy On Housing Tenants

South Australia Shadow Minister for Housing Vickie Chapman

Get Real Mr. Malinauskas

Victor P Taffa

Housing SA Manager and factional Labor Powerbroker, Peter Malinauskas should be focussing on the critical issues facing Public Housing tenants instead of wrongly accusing the residents of Stow Court at Fullarton of removing trolleys from nearby Shopping Centres.

Last week tenants at the Public Housing area known as “Stow Court” received a letter from Mr. Malinauskas claiming that he had observed shopping trolleys left at or near the property and that it was “an offence to remove trolleys from shopping centre car parks.”

He said:

“I would like to ask residents to ensure that all trolleys they use are returned to the supermarkets to which they belong.”

“Whether Mr. Malinauskas is writing to tenants as the Manager of Housing SA or to a union official he needs to get in the real world.” Shadow Minister for Housing Vickie Chapman said today.

“Tenants have complained about the disruptive behaviour of some tenants at Stow Court who may suffer from Mental Health issues.”

“One tenant has written to me saying that “after fifteen years of putting up with difficult and disruptive tenants in our complex and the stress and ill health caused to their neighbours, I find the attached letter (from Mr Malinauskas) somewhat insulting.” Ms. Chapman said.

“The Government’s decision to sell off over 40 % of the Glenside Hospital site for Private Housing and more Retail and Supermarket space demonstrates the wrong priorities of this Labor Government.”

“What our community needs is more supported housing for people with special needs, especially those suffering from Mental Health issues.” Ms. Chapman said.

“Mr. Malinauskas needs to understand his real responsibility is to manage housing complexes and not waste his time unfairly accusing the many law abiding and good residents in the area!” Ms. Chapman said.