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Victoria Premier Denis Napthine

Labor’s Plans To Block Taxi Reforms Will Hurt Victorian Passengers

Victor P Taffa

Labor has used a parliamentary procedure today to attempt to scuttle Victoria’s taxi reforms.

If Labor’s tactics succeed, the Victorian Coalition Government’s taxi reforms will be stopped and none of the benefits will be seen by customers or taxi drivers.

This is a deliberate tactic by Daniel Andrews’ ALP to stop the biggest taxi reforms Victoria has seen in 100 years.



The particular motion they have moved in Parliament would, if passed, mean that no legislation on the same subject can then be introduced in the same session, i.e. before the next State election.

The motion must be put at 4 pm tomorrow (Thursday 13 June) before the Bill is voted on in the House. If this motion is passed, the Bill automatically lapses.

Labor’s move will mean:

  • Customers won’t get a better deal. The 10 % Cabcharge slug on passengers paying with cards will remain (Reform would slash it to 5 %)
  • Drivers won’t get a pay rise (Reform would increase drivers’ share for the fare from 48-50 % up to 55 %)
  • Service quality won’t improve (Reform would introduce a strict knowledge test)
  • Country operators will fork out thousands to paint their cars yellow (Reform would remove this requirement and give operators a choice).
  • Operators won’t be able to boost their incomes with advertising revenue (Reform gives operators the choice to advertise).
  • Improvements for people with disabilities won’t happen. (Reform would increase the number of WAT and bring in a guaranteed booking service.)

Editor Victor P Taffa has been a Taxi Driver and knows how tough it is for Taxi Drivers to make a living out of driving. The Labor Opposition does not know what it is like to drive a taxi and its attempts to scuttle sensible reforms to the Taxi Industry in Victoria are unreasonable.


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