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Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Lands and Planning David Tollner

Skulking In Shadows

Victor P Taffa

The Henderson Labor Government needs to act in the interests of Territorians to end the planning shambles surrounding the Howard Springs workers village.

Shadow Minister for Lands and Planning, David Tollner, said Labor has failed in its duty to land-holders affected by the village and lied about the project’s impact on rural residents.

“Two days after a public meeting held to address concerns about changes to the workers village was shut down, there is still deafening silence from the Labor Government about how it will fix the mess caused by its incompetence.” Mr. Tollner said.


“Planning Minister Gerry McCarthy made a commitment to rural residents that the Exceptional Development Permit issued to JKC wouldn’t affect their lifestyle.”

“He promised:

‘The Exceptional Development Permit is subject to comprehensive conditions designed to minimise adverse impacts on the amenity of the immediate locality.’

“Presumably then, the Minister will have real concerns that the 50 metre Stow Road buffer zone has been bulldozed and a sewerage pumping station is being relocated without any consultation.”

“Minister McCarthy also claimed that an Operational Environmental Management Plan and Social Impact Management Plan would ‘minimise any detrimental impacts’ on the rural area.”

“He claimed the Operational Environmental Management Plan would ‘establish procedures to receive and address complaints’.

“He now needs to explain why the buffer zone has been bulldozed and the sewerage pump is going to be relocated without any consultation.” Mr. Tollner said.

“Rural residents have every right to expect Government will respond to their concerns and not skulk in the shadows letting developers ride rough-shod over communities.”

“Labor has thrown open the Territory’s planning processes to third parties.” Mr. Tollner said.

Only the Country Liberals have a 5-point Action Plan to end Labor’s planning free-for-all and shift the balance back in favour of Territorians.


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