Labor Mates In New South Wales Favoured Ahead Of Tasmania

Labor Mates In New South Wales Favoured Ahead Of Tasmania

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Health Jeremy Rockliff

DHHS Saves $26,000 On Egg Contract, While Spending Up Big On International Consultancies

Victor P Taffa

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is saving a reported $26,000 on an Egg Contract putting Tasmania’s Industry in jeopardy while spending up big on International and Interstate Consultancies Shadow Minister Jeremy Rockliff said today.

In the past three months the DHHS has awarded two tenders, worth over $120,000, to interstate and international consultancy firms.



The contracts include –

  • $72,600 to an international research firm in Berkshire, UK, for a service planning study to identify options for “the development of future emergency and medical services in Tasmania”;
  • $51,000 to a NSW firm for the provision of secretariat services for the Health Policy Priorities Principal Committee.

“On both occasions, Tasmanian firms unsuccessfully tendered for these contracts.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“However, clearly money is no object in DHHS if it is paying a UK health research firm to identify planning options for a health system that is millions of miles away.”

“Why is Tasmania paying for a NSW firm to provide secretariat services for a Health Committee?”

“There are obvious competing priorities in DHHS in relation to the expenditure of our health Dollar.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“It’s now up to the Minister to explain.  If it was so important for her Department to save $26,000 on the Egg Contract, which impacts direct on Tasmanian jobs, why has she allowed these expensive interstate and overseas consultancies to proceed?”