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New South Wales Shadow Treasurer Mike Baird

Keneally Claim Transport Plan Is ‘Fully Funded’ Now In Doubt

Victor P Taffa

In a clear indication the State Labor Government’s latest transport plan is yet another election scam the Premier failed to explain in Parliament today how her plan is “fully funded”, Shadow Treasurer Mike Baird said today.

“Despite repeated claims to the media that her transport plan is fully funded, Kristina Keneally could not answer in Question Time today where the funds are coming from.” Mr. Baird said.

“In an answer that showed an embarrassing lack of understanding of the detail, Ms Keneally did not know how much debt would be incurred or what additional taxes would be raised to pay for the plan.”

“Once again the State Labor Government has shown it has no credibility on financial management.”

“Simply saying a project is fully funded, doesn’t make it fully funded.” Mr. Baird said.

“Ms. Keneally must explain how she will make up her $49.5 Billion shortfall to pay for the plan – is it taxes, debt or fanciful revenue forecasts?” Mr. Baird demanded to know.

“Taxpayers are rightly sceptical this latest plan will be delivered, and Ms. Keneally’s response today does nothing to allay these concerns.” Mr. Baird said.

“The State Labor Government has costed the latest North West rail link in the plan at $6.7 Billion, yet this is more than $3 Billion higher than the last Treasury costing in late 2006.”

“Until the details of all costings, debt and revenue measures that underpin Ms. Keneally’s claim of fully funded are released, the claim cannot be believed.” Mr. Baird said.

“If Kristina Keneally cannot answer the very simple proposition of what role debt will play in funding this plan, how can we trust it will be delivered?”

“The NSW Liberals & Nationals have committed to starting work on the South West and North West rail links in the first term, should we be elected next year.”

“We are united, we are determined and we stand in stark contrast to the rabble that parade as the State Labor Government.” Mr. Baird said.

When the New South Wales Labor Government recently sold off the NSW Lotteries at a $50 Million LOSS how on earth can anyone believe Labor’s financial claims on accountability?


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