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Queensland Shadow Treasurer Tim Nicholls

Labor Focuses On Itself, LNP Focuses On Queensland

Victor P Taffa

The tired, 20 year old Labor Government is focussed on getting its election campaign back on track while the Liberal National Party (LNP) has a plan to get Queensland back on track.

Deputy Opposition Leader and LNP campaign spokesman Tim Nicholls said the different focus of the two parties couldn’t be starker.

“Over the past week and a half, all Anna Bligh has talked about is fighting for her own political survival while ignoring the fight Queenslanders have every day to make ends meet as a result of Labor’s constant cost of living increases.” Mr. Nicholls said.

“Today Anna Bligh is talking about how keen she is to have Kevin Rudd cheerleader Bruce Hawker back on her election campaign team, fresh from his meddling in Federal Labor’s leadership soap opera.”

“While Labor talks about itself and plays politics, the LNP will focus on Queenslanders and our positive plans to get Queensland back on track by growing a four pillar economy and lowering the cost of living by cutting waste.” Mr. Nicholls said.

Mr. Nicholls said Anna Bligh had been keen to portray herself as a victim of the Federal Labor leadership woes, but it was Queenslanders who were the victims of 20 years of Queensland Labor failures and mismanagement.

“If Anna Bligh was serious about ‘restarting her campaign’, she should start with an apology to Queenslanders for 20 years of Labor waste, broken promises, distractions and scandals.” Mr. Nicholls said.

“After 20 years, Labor is a broken record and the song is always the same.”

“Anna Bligh doesn’t need a re-boot, she needs to be given the boot by Queenslanders on 24th March.”

“It’s time for a change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.” Mr. Nicholls said.


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