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Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

Delia Lawrie’s Answer Defies Credibility

Victor P Taffa

The Deputy Chief Minister has admitted she doesn’t know the impact of the Banned Drinker Register on violent crime.

Speaking on ABC Radio this morning, Delia Lawrie was specifically asked by how much violent crime had come down in Alice Springs since the Banned Drinker Register was introduced.

She claimed she didn’t have the data in her head which is either grossly incompetent or manifestly untrue.

Country Liberals leader, Terry Mills, said Labor has produced a bunch of statistics about the Banned Drinker Register but somehow the architect of the legislation doesn’t even know the key statistic about its impact on crime.

“I would have thought this was the crucial to whether the BDR is a success or not.” Mr. Mills said.

“Paul Henderson, Delia Lawrie and Labor can’t claim the Banned Drinker Register is working without knowing whether violent crime is down.”

“Labor’s own figures try to fudge the issue of assaults by excluding domestic violence.” Mr. Mills said.

“What we do know is that since the introduction of the BDR, crime in the Northern Territory has increased.”

“Labor will say and do anything to cling onto power including failing to disclose crucial statistics that show one of their key policy areas has failed.” Mr. Mills said.


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