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Federal Leader of the Palmer United Party Clive Palmer

Australian Government Killing Australian Industries: Clive Palmer

Victor P Taffa

The federal government should be ashamed of its track record in forcing large numbers of Australian businesses into bankruptcy and liquidation, federal leader of the Palmer United Party Clive Palmer said today.



Mr. Palmer said the Labor government’s default mode of forcing businesses into bankruptcy and liquidation for not paying tax was a callous quick fix that was detrimental to all Australians.

“The Australian government holds the dubious honour of being the number one entity forcing businesses to the wall in the last 12 months.” Mr. Palmer said.

“In a quick fix way of getting money it is owed, the government’s answer is to drive financially troubled businesses into greater despair by sending in debt collectors instead of communicating with them on how they can get back on track.”

“However this cruel stance results in businesses shutting up shop resulting in increased unemployment and falling government revenue through reductions in personal and payroll taxation.”

“Fewer jobs put greater pressure on the dole queues, eating further into government funds.” Mr. Palmer said.

“The Australian government is filled with professional politicians who have no understanding about how business cycles work.”

“Ever since Kevin Rudd came back into power all we have seen is increased taxes. Cigarettes, beer and even our savings are all being slugged, while the motor vehicle industry has been brought to its knees by his disastrous changes to Fringe Benefits Tax.”

“He is shrinking the pie by destroying productivity and closing down enterprises it is a national crisis.” Mr. Palmer said

Mr. Palmer said the Palmer United Party was committed to lowering personal tax rates to get more money circulating in the economy.

“Creating a greater demand for goods and services is the best way to get this country moving forward again.” Mr. Palmer said.


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