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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Mining Adam Brooks

Green And O’Halloran Must Say If They Support New Tax Slug On Tasmania’s Mining Industry

Victor P Taffa

Resources Minister Bryan Green and local member Paul O’Halloran must say if they support the new Labor-Green carbon tax, which could have potentially devastating effects on Tasmania’s Mining Industry, Shadow Minister for Mining Adam Brooks said today.

“Already mining companies such as Grange and Caterpillar have expressed concerns about what it will mean for their business and for local jobs, particularly through higher energy prices.”

“Our economy is flat-lining, and not only does the Labor-Green Government want to make it worse by sacking 2,300 people, now they apparently want to slug them with a new tax.” Mr. Brooks said.

“We all remember that Bryan Green and Paul O’Halloran blindly supported Kevin Rudd’s disastrous so-called “super profits” tax which would have destroyed our local Mining Industry.”

“Do they similarly support this Mining Job destroying Carbon Tax?” Mr. Brooks asked.

This never ending excuse for new Taxes is both not productive and not how Australia as a Nation was built. Governments have always taxed the Mining Industry to a fair level. Taxing the Mining Industry out of existence on the back of some eccentric socialistic ideal will ‘Kill the Goose that laid the Golden Egg.’

Victoria was built on the back of the Gold Rush in the 1850’s. Where would the great State of Victoria be if Gold Deposits were never allowed to be mined?

Governments pay lip service or none at all to Railway and Tramway Expansion. In fact the opposite occurs as anyone who wants to expand essential Transport Links are classed as ‘Crazy.’

While Senators Bob Brown, Christine Milne and Tasmania Greens Leader Nick McKim are nice people perhaps instead of trying to destroy the Tasmanian and Australian Economies they should take leave from their Parliamentary Jobs and walk through the Tasmanian Wilderness in search for Tasmanian Tigers.


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