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Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Environment Peter Chandler

Suit Up Against Pollution

Victor P Taffa

While the stinger season keeps Territorians out of the water at Darwin’s Beaches, the Pollution Contamination that has plagued the Harbour continues unabated Shadow Environmental Minister Peter Chandler said today.

“The Country Liberals continue to review data as it is received on Beach Pollution monitoring across Darwin.” Mr. Chandler said

“We have regularly called for wide spread monitoring since the crisis developed. While the Labor Government is looking for Pollution Sources, we are no closer to the answer.”

“For the Country Liberals, it continues to be a concern that weekly monitoring reports are not being provided until well after the event, even though routine sampling and assessment can be completed within 72 hours.” Mr. Chandler said.

“This past week, data from Mindil and Nightcliff beaches showed enterococci results well above the safe level for swimming. The data was reported on the 19th of October more than a week after the event and, we expect, after the next round of monitoring.”

“The Government must be held to account for its tardy reporting procedures and the daily protocol for monitoring Beach Water Quality must be implemented on High-Pollution Events.”

“The Opposition recommends that residents keep out of the water because not only is it Stinger Season, it’s also mirrored by Stinker Season.” Mr. Chandler said.


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