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South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond

Rann’s Friendship Not Delivering For River Murray

Victor P Taffa

Premier Mike Rann is asking South Australians to trust that he is the only person who can make deals with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, despite failing to secure a deal to save the River Murray with the Prime Minister.

South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond said despite promoting his close friendship with the Prime Minister as the reason for South Australia winning defence contracts and funding for infrastructure projects, Mike Rann had not used this relationship to help negotiate a deal to save the River Murray.

“The health of the River Murray and Adelaide’s reliance on it is the number one issue facing South Australia but Mike Rann seems to think differently.” Ms Redmond said.

“Mike Rann would rather stand alongside Kevin Rudd wearing a hardhat and a safety vest smiling for the cameras than do the difficult negotiations to secure the future of the River Murray.”



As Premier Rann and Prime Minister Rudd were spending the weekend together as proof of their mutual friendship, Ms. Redmond was repeating the Liberals’ commitment to restoring the health of the River Murray with Shadow River Murray Minister Adrian Pederick.

“Seven years ago Mike Rann made a speech at the National Press Club declaring the plight of the River Murray the ‘most urgent environmental issue facing this country’. February 20, 2003.”

“Instead of using his close friendship with Mr Rudd to secure the future of the River Murray, Mike Rann has written a letter and launched a High Court challenge which is unlikely to deliver anything.”

The Liberals will work towards securing the future of the River Murray by:

  • Fighting for the establishment of an independent body, exclusively responsible to the Commonwealth Minister, to control the Murray Darling Basin;
  • Establishing the Riverland Recovery Fund and committing $20 Million over four years towards the fund to help communities;
  • Committing an estimated $10 Million per annum to maintaining Critical Water Allocations for the survival of permanent plantings;
  • Undertake works to mitigate environmental damage to the Lower Lakes and Coorong as the drought persists.

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