In Planning

Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

Hysterical And Wrong

Victor P Taffa

Treasurer Delia Lawrie has shown Labor will do anything to stay in office including lying and falsifying facts.

Opposition Leader, Terry Mills, said Ms. Lawrie’s criticism of the Country Liberals proposed Planning Commission were hysterical and wrong.


“Her claim that anybody building a home would require Planning Commission approval is a deliberate deceit, as is the assertion it will jack up prices.” Mr. Mills said.

“A Planning Commission would be charged with setting the strategic direction for development across the Territory and not with issuing building certificates.”

“Delia Lawrie’s idea of good planning was to claim on the ABC’s Stateline program in 2007 that the Top End only needed 300 new homes every year to meet housing demand.”

“The actual figure was more than 1,000.” Mr. Mills said.

“Delia Lawrie and Labor failed to plan for growth and lumped on Territorians the worst housing crisis since Cyclone Tracy and the highest capital city rents in the country.

“Anything she says about Planning should be treated with the utmost cynicism.” Mr. Mills said.


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