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ACT Shadow Minister for Transport Services Alistair Coe

ACT Labor Fails To Deliver Promised Bike Path

Victor P Taffa

The ACT Labor Government has failed to deliver a promised bike path on the Majura Parkway, ACT Shadow Transport Services Minister Alistair Coe said today.

“Katy Gallagher promised that the Majura Parkway would have a segregated bike path, but the final plans don’t include such a path.” Mr. Coe said.

“Once again, ACT Labor has failed to deliver basic urban infrastructure which the community was promised.”

“While riding on the road always poses a risk, it is especially dangerous on high volume, high speed roads.” Mr. Coe said.

“That’s why these segregated bike paths are so important. They are parallel to roads but are separated from car traffic, so are as direct as on-road paths but much safer.”

“Such paths are preferable for cyclists and motorists.”

“I call on Katy Gallagher to explain why she has back-flipped on her promise to provide this important safe bike path.” Mr. Coe said.


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