Labor Deserts Battlers

Labor Deserts Battlers

Queensland Shadow Minister for Families, Housing & Communities Ted Malone

More Queenslanders At Risk To Fall Under Breadline

Victor P Taffa

Warnings from the Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) that more than One Million Queenslanders could fall below the breadline needed urgent attention, the State Opposition said today.

Shadow Minister for Families, Housing & Communities Ted Malone said the warnings from QCSS were frightening and highlighted the impact on battlers of the floods, the cyclones and not-stop cost of living increases from power, petrol, water, rego and state charges.

“The fact that QCOSS is saying a third of all Queenslanders could slide under then poverty line should be ringing very loud alarms, not just in the Premier’s office, but right across Government.” Mr. Malone said.


“QCOSS says even before the disasters about 413,000 Queenslanders were living below the poverty line, with a further 800,000 at risk and that that number is now likely to soar through job losses, housing losses and shortages, made worse through limited insurance payouts on the disasters.”

Mr. Malone said about the last thing struggling Queenslanders needed was further cost pressures from Carbon Taxes and Government Waste.

“We need a proper response to this looming crisis in our community.” Mr Malone said.

“Now’s not the time for more Government Spin and air-brushed Photo Shoots.” Mr. Malone said.