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Michael Ferguson Bass MHA

Silt Petition Calls On Government To Act Now

Victor P Taffa

The Tasmanian Liberals are calling on the State Government to finally act and clean up the Tamar River after years of inaction.

Our petition calling on the State Government to immediately provide the $1 Million promised to the Launceston Flood Authority to recommence the dredging of the Tamar River has received tremendous support so far and I would encourage everyone who wants to see the Tamar silt problem fixed to sign it.

The Petition also calls on the Government to recommit to its 2010 Election Promise to provide $6 Million to establish a Program to remove the excessive silt, and to continue an annual maintenance dredging Program.



Continued inaction by the Labor-Green Government is affecting not only the appearance of the River, but also the accessibility for rowers and tourism operators, and the ability of the syncrolift to confidently run its business.

The Tamar River has the potential to be a great asset to Launceston, attracting greater development, investment and encouraging community pride, but we need a Government that is prepared to work to protect the Tamar.

It is vital that the State and Federal Government provide for continual improvement in catchment management techniques to minimise where possible, the amount of silt flowing into Home Reach.

For too long, this Labor-Green Government has ignored the issues involving the Tamar, no doubt in the hope that the problem will go away. It won’t. We need a Government that is prepared to act now.

Unfortunately, the Government has used stalling techniques which is contributing to further degradation of the River.  When the community campaign was at a climax in August this year, the Premier announced an immediate injection of $1 Million to get on with urgent dredging.  The Government has made a mockery of itself and the importance of this issue by making half-hearted announcements that lead to continued inaction.

The petition is being distributed to local businesses and is available online at until March 1, 2011.


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