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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Mining Adam Brooks

Gutless Green Sells Out North West

Victor P Taffa

Once again, Deputy Premier Bryan Green and his Labor mates have given in to the Greens by re-naming much of the North-West as ‘the Tarkine’, Shadow Minister for Mining Adam Brooks said.

“This plays right into the Greens’ hands and strengthens their push to lock up more of Tasmania forever. This decision will scare away investment from the North West, especially in the mining sector.”

“This puts a black cloud over the whole of the North West, because every time someone proposes a development the anti-everything Greens will be able to oppose it on the grounds that it’s in the area Labor has declared is the Tarkine.” Mr. Brooks said.

“It is a disgrace that Bryan Green was too gutless to tell last weekend’s mining rally that he had signed off on re-naming the North West as the Tarkine. It’s clear that he knows this is the wrong decision, but he was clearly too afraid to stand up to the anti-everything Greens and too afraid to tell the workers of the region that he had just sold them out.”

“We have no problem with the Tarkine brand being used for marketing, especially tourism marketing. What the Liberals oppose is the inevitable push by anti-everything environmentalists to use Bryan Green’s decision to re-name the North West as the Tarkine to oppose sensible developments, especially mining developments.” Mr. Brooks said.


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