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South Australia Opposition Leader Steven Marshall

11 Years Of Broken Promises And Over Spruiking From Weatherill Labor

Victor P Taffa

The Weatherill Labor Government can’t be trusted to deliver on what it promises in this week’s Budget, given that the past 11 years of government has been littered with broken promises and over spruiking.

From declaring that State Labor had secured jobs at Holden, to committing to maintaining the AAA credit rating, Labor has failed time and time again to deliver on what it has promised and spruiked.

This Labor Government has a history of making promises before elections and breaking them after, such as the:

  • $315 Million electrification of the Gawler and Outer Harbour lines;
  • $315 Million electrification of the Gawler and Outer Harbour lines;
  • $520 Million for trams to the western suburbs;  
  • $140 Million South Rd/Sturt Rd underpass.

“Premier Weatherill will have people believe that former Premier Rann is to blame for all these broken promises, but don’t be fooled Mr. Weatherill has been at the Cabinet table for 11 years when every one of these decisions was made.” State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall said.

“It is Premier Weatherill who has failed to deliver on jobs, failed to deliver on the mining boom, failed to deliver on Holden, failed to deliver on exports and failed to be open and honest with South Australians.”

“Business and consumer confidence are already low the South Australian economy is too important to be subjected to spin and over spruiking by Premier Weatherill and his Government.” Mr. Marshall said.

“Premier Weatherill and his Labor Government have demonstrated to South Australians time and time again that they can’t be trusted to deliver on what they promise.”

“What Premier Weatherill has delivered to South Australian families and businesses is the highest taxes in the nation, ever-increasing cost of living pressures, the highest water prices in the nation and the weakest business conditions of all states.”

“South Australians deserve a government with better priorities to get our State back on track.” Mr. Marshall said.


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