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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Education and Skills Michael Ferguson

Giddings And McKim Must Stop Playing Politics With Gonski

Victor P Taffa

It’s time for Labor and the Greens to stop playing politics with our children’s future and commit the extra funding our education system desperately needs, according to Shadow Minister for Education and Skills Michael Ferguson.

“After all, Tasmanians should not forget that Labor and the Greens ripped $190 Million out of our education system just two years ago. Over the past couple of months, Ms. Giddings and Mr. McKim have had more excuses for not signing up to Gonski than a student who hasn’t done their homework.”

“First, Ms. Giddings and Mr. McKim made obtuse comments about the need to support disadvantaged schools which was actually code for wanting to rewrite the funding formula to strip money away from independent and Catholic schools.” Mr. Ferguson said.

“Then, they claimed the Gonski money was in the budget, until we found out at Estimates it actually wasn’t. It’s as if the government is planning not to reach agreement. Then, Mr. McKim claimed he was bound by confidentiality and couldn’t talk about it!”

“Then, Ms. Giddings said she wouldn’t sign because she doesn’t like Federal Shadow Minister for Education Mr. Pyne, and doesn’t like flagpoles even though Mr. Pyne is not actually the Education Minister.”

“Now, Ms. Giddings is claiming it’s because of the GST, even though that’s not a problem for South Australia, NSW and the ACT, who have all signed (maybe Ms. Gillard has a secret plan to rip hundreds of millions of dollars in GST away from Tasmania?). It’s time for Ms. Giddings and Mr. McKim to stop playing silly political games with Gonski.” Mr. Ferguson said.


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