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Victoria Minister for Employment and Industrial Richard Dalla-Riva

Labor And Greens – On The Same Planet At Vote Time

Victor P Taffa

Labor leaders in Victoria are being disingenuous in their attempts to distance themselves from the Greens in the lead-up to the Melbourne by-election.

In the parliamentary sitting year of 2011, the ALP and the Greens voted the same way on 65 out of 80 votes in the Victorian Legislative Council.

In the parliamentary sitting year of 2012, the Greens and ALP voted the same way on 28 out of 40 votes in the Victorian Legislative Council.


This voting record is completely at odds with comments from ALP leader Daniel Andrews that the Greens are ‘on a different planet’.

In fact, voting together in three out of every four votes speaks undeniably of a very cosy relationship between Labor and the Greens in the Victorian Parliament, and of their close alignment in ideology.

In recent days, one of Labor’s senior Upper House MPs, Mr. Martin Pakula has been conspicuous in his efforts to distance himself from the Greens over twitter, yet his record in Parliament is very different.

We are entitled to expect that a former Industry Minister would put a high priority on creating conditions favourable to generating jobs and investment for Victorian business.

Where have been his statements in support of manufacturers struggling to deal with higher energy costs under a carbon tax?

Where have been his statements in support of the Victorian Coalition Government’s exciting plans to develop brown coal from the LaTrobe Valley for export to the major economies of Asia?

There are none. He has deferred meekly to the anti-business, anti-development agenda of the Labor/Greens collective.

Once the Melbourne by-election is out of the way, we can expect that Mr. Pakula and the Victorian ALP will continue their strong record of voting together to stymie economic development in Victoria.

If the Greens are on a different planet, they must have been on the same one as Labor at least 93 out of 120 times when they were called on to vote.


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