Labor Abandons Workers Again

Labor Abandons Workers Again

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Forestry Peter Gutwein

Dissent Grows Over The Statement Of Principles

Victor P Taffa

“Last week’s meeting at Campbell Town of 86 people to discuss the Statement of Principles confirms that there is unrest and resentment in the Forestry Industry over the Government’s plans to shut down native Forestry.” Shadow Minister for Forestry Peter Gutwein said today.

“The 86 people who gathered in Campbell Town represented the silent majority in the forestry industry, and included mayors of affected municipalities, harvesting contractors, FT employees and furniture makers.”

“I understand that even some signatories to the Statement of Principles attended to voice their concerns.” Mr. Gutwein said.


“This meeting demonstrates that there is underlying community concern regarding the Statement of Principles.  It also shows that there is growing resentment to the illogical idea of getting rid of our native timber industry.”

“Native forestry is a profitable, sustainable part of Tasmania’s economic and community fabric and it would be the height of madness for this Labor-Green Government to abolish it.” Mr. Gutwein said.

“The Tasmanian Liberals have consulted widely with the community and developed a balanced, positive 13 Point Plan that will help position our Forestry Industry to tackle the challenges and remain competitive.”

“Our positive plan also focuses on a triple bottom line approach to make sure that environmental, economic and social impacts are understood.”

“Unfortunately, Labor has decided to sacrifice forestry to appease the Greens.” Mr. Gutwein said.