Labor’s Support For The Environment Is Simply Just Lip Service

Labor’s Support For The Environment Is Simply Just Lip Service

Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu

Coalition’s Planting Plan To Build A Greener Future Across Victoria

Victor P Taffa

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will support Practical Environmental Action with a Plan to Plant Two Million Trees across Urban and Regional Victoria, Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu said today.

“The Coalition’s Tree-Planting Plan will provide $4 Million for the Planting of 1.5 Million trees across metropolitan Melbourne and half a Million trees in Regional Victoria to regenerate waterways.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“The Coalition’s Plan will build a greener future for Victorian families by restoring our urban spaces and repairing degraded waterways in the Regions.”

The $4 Million will be used to purchase Tubestock Seedlings and Tree Guards where necessary.” Mr. Baillieu said.


“Under the Coalition, trees will be planted across Melbourne’s Parks, Reserves and Open Spaces in consultation with Local Environmental Groups and Councils.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“Trees are effective in reducing pollution by absorbing greenhouse gas emissions and help to cool our Towns and Cities.”

“Two Million trees will absorb approximately 536,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions during their lifetime, which is equivalent to taking nearly 125,000 cars off the road for a year.”

“The Coalition will work with local schools, community environmental groups and residents to establish plans for community planting to improve parks and boost awareness of the environment and conservation.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“In Rural and Regional areas, we will work with local Landcare and community environmental groups to support reforestation and revegetation efforts around our waterways.”

“This builds on our $12 Million commitment announced in May to support Landcare coordinators and help local community volunteers protect and restore Victoria’s Environment.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“Targeted revegetation projects will help to restore valuable remnant vegetation which has been depleted in many parts of Victoria under Labor.”

“A Coalition Government will ensure that our precious parks and forests are protected and our biodiversity is preserved and restored, in contrast to Labor which has neglected our natural environment.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“We will work with communities, councils and relevant authorities to keep the public safe and reduce fire risk and the spread of noxious weeds as part of our plan.”

“The Coalition’s Plan to Plant 2 Million Trees will transform our Cities, Suburbs and Regions to create a healthier and more sustainable Environment for Victorian Families.” Mr. Baillieu said.

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