Labor’s Never Ending Story

Labor’s Never Ending Story

South Australia Shadow Minister for Industry & Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith

Hospital Cover Up Must Be Shattered

Victor P Taffa

Today’s refusal by the Government to agree to the Rail Yards Hospital Project coming before Parliament’s Public Works Committee must be overturned in the public interest.

“Labor members of the Public Works Committee would not support the following motion, put by me for a decision and seconded by Mr. Pengilly MP.” Public Works Committee member and Liberal frontbencher Martin Hamilton-Smith said.

“That the Public Works Committee demands the Government present the new Royal Adelaide Hospital project for scrutiny forthwith.”

“As a result, the motion has been deferred and will be raised again next week. Labor has not learnt the lesson of the State Bank disaster which saw billions of dollars wasted on projects that were not properly scrutinized by the Parliament, by the media and by the public. Tax payers had to bail out Labor’s mess.” Mr. Hamilton-Smith said.

“Here they go again. The refusal by this Government to put the multi-billion dollar project under proper scrutiny signals they have something to hide.”

“I will now demand at next Wednesday’s meeting that the Public Works Committee call the Auditor-General to it to obtain his advice.” Mr. Hamilton-Smith said.

“I will also demand that the Committee seek an independent legal opinion and that we insist on seeing the secret Crown Law advice upon which Treasurer Snelling has based his defence that it does not need to be brought before Parliament’s Committee.”

“Government must be a model citizen. I believe Labor is defying the intent of the law. I am not convinced that they are complying with the letter of the law and will not be satisfied until the Crown Law advice has been made public. Financial disasters begin in secrecy and cover up. Tax payers have just heard the Victorian Desalination Plant which is to cost $3.1 Billion to build will involve payments over 30 years of $19 Billion. On that basis, will our $1.8 Billion Hospital involve payments over a similar time frame of $11.4 Billion? These are questions Labor does not want to answer.”

“This is a potential financial disaster to be funded over 29 to 35 years from the Health budget at a time when money will be needed for doctors and nurses wages and for health support. Mr. Rann will be off in Puglia enjoying retirement and Mr. Foley will be off having fun on overseas trips. Back here South Australia tax payers will be paying for their legacy. Even our grandchildren will be paying Mr. Rann and Mr. Foley’s bills.” Mr. Hamilton-Smith said.