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Victoria Shadow Minister for Health David Davis

AMA Blasts 11 Years Of Labor Health Shame

Victor P Taffa

The Australian Medical Association’s Public Hospital Report Card 2010 released today is another devastating expose of 11 years of Labor’s failure to improve Victoria’s Public Hospitals.

“The AMA’s Report Card paints a stark and ugly picture of a massive deterioration of the Victorian health system after 11 years of Labor’s incompetence, waste and mismanagement.” Shadow Health Minister David Davis said today.

Under John Brumby, either as Treasurer or Premier:

• Median waiting times for elective surgery have blown out;

• The ratio of bed numbers to population has fallen;

• Emergency department access has deteriorated;

• Category 2 elective surgery waiting times have increased.

The AMA stated: “All of the publicly available data show that Victoria is unable to maintain consistent public hospital performance, and Victorians continue to face long waits for emergency care and elective surgery because of a shortage of serviced public hospital beds … The Victorian Government funding of new beds is yet to catch up on the relative decline over the last seven years.”

“The Coalition has a clear plan to fix the problems in Victoria’s Health System.” Mr. Davis said.

The Coalition’s Plan includes:

• Developing a statewide health plan within 150 days of being elected, based on input from patients and clinicians;

• Releasing the massive amount of hospital and health data kept secret by John Brumby;

• Adding 1,600 new hospital beds over two terms of government, in addition to any new beds currently planned, to ease the pressure and help patients.

“After 11 years of incompetence and waste, Labor now wants to make it 15 years so John Brumby and his inept Health Minister can continue wrecking Victoria’s Health System.” Mr. Davis said.

Health information kept secret by Labor includes:

• Outpatient data, including waiting times and appointments waits by specialty;

• Not ready for care data;

• Emergency department walkout data;

• Integrated performance reports for each hospital network prepared by the department and every major public health service each quarter;

• Quarterly data on hospital initiated postponements;

• Quarterly data on 24 hour emergency waits;

• Quarterly dental waiting lists, including numbers and detailed local wait times;

• Comprehensive waiting times and numbers for investigatory procedures and diagnostic procedures;

• Comprehensive data on quality and safety, including re-admission data by health service and procedure.

“John Brumby and his incompetent Health Minister have also endorsed the blatant manipulation of hospital data and failed to audit properly, leaving Victorians with no confidence in Labor’s management of the Health System.” Mr. Davis said.

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