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Queensland Shadow Minister for Public Transport Tracy Davis

Go Card Fares Among The Highest In The World

Victor P Taffa

Reports that South East Queenslanders are paying more than the New York, Berlin, Paris, Madrid and Los Angeles Commuters for Public Transport shows how out of touch the Bligh Labor Government is, the Liberal National Party said today.

Shadow Minister for Public Transport Tracy Davis said Labor’s 15 % fare hike is just another price gouge that is adding to the increasing cost of living in Queensland.

“We should be encouraging more people to use Public Transport and making it easier to use to reduce congestion.”

“But instead of offering discounted weekly fares, Labor has made Public Transport less affordable.” Ms. Davis said.

“It is ridiculous that South East Queensland commuters are paying among the highest fares in the world thanks to Labor’s inability to control their budget.”

“Fare increases should be kept as low as possible and more flexibility needs to be introduced to encourage tourists and casual users to get on board.” Ms. Davis said.


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