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New South Wales Minister for Roads Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey

Up To 40% Time Savings For Drivers Along King Georges Road

Victor P Taffa

Thousands of motorists each day are set to benefit from travel time savings of up to 40 % after the New South Wales Government announced a $40 Million investment into widening King Georges Road.

$40 Million investment will deliver the upgrade between Stoney Creek Road at Beverly Hills and Forest Road at Hurstville.

Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey and Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure Mark Coure today visited King Georges Road to announce the 1.5 km widening to 3 lanes in each direction would significantly reduce congestion giving more time back to busy Sydney siders.

“Sydney’s population is increasing every year so this government is planning ahead now to build for future generations.” Minister Pavey said.

“New South Wales Government is easing congestion and improving travel times by working with communities and motorists to explore potential improvements for some of the busiest roads and this project is another piece of the puzzle.”

King Georges Road is one of the most important arterial roads in Sydney, connecting Punchbowl Road at Wiley Park in the west with the Princes Highway at Blakehurst in the south.

Mr. Coure said the widening of King Georges Road is a great win for the community an announcement that has been eagerly awaited for over 40 years.

“I am excited to announce our local roads have received the attention they deserve and I look forward to seeing traffic congestion eased in the near future.” Mr. Coure said.

“We are getting on with the job of rebuilding, expanding and upgrading roads so travelling to and from South Sydney is no longer a burden for commuters.” Mr. Coure said.

NSW Member for Oatley Mark Coure








King Georges Road Widening To South Hurstville

Road Widening of King Georges Road is being undertaken on land owned by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

RMS is administered by the New South Wales Government.

Editor Victor P Taffa wrote to Minister Melinda Pavey’s predesessor Duncan Gay calling for the widening of King Georges Road from Stoney Creek Road to South Hurstville.

Editor Victor P Taffa has driven on King Georges Road on numerous occasions over many years visiting family relations and also the Sydney Tramway Museum at Loftus as a Member.

Minister Pavey should be congratulated for announcing the widening of King Georges Road. Although King Georges Road needs to be widened to South Hurstville.

During the dying days of the Greiner/Fahey Liberal/National Coalition Government in 1995, the King Georges Road railway overpass at Woniora Road Hurstville was widened to 6 lanes.

Widening of the railway overpass in 1995 made this announcement by Minister Pavey in 2018 that much easier and cheaper to implement.

RMS owns land all along either side of King Georges Road to South Hurstville. At South Hurstville King Georges Road becomes 6 lanes which joins the 6 lane Princes Highway.

While King Georges Road between Woniora Road Hurstville and Connells Point Road South Hurstville has many inclines especially near Hillcrest Avenue Hurstville it would certainly make widening King Georges Road to 6 lanes a lot safer all the way to South Hurstville where King Georges Road becomes 6 lanes.

King Georges Road Grades

  • 4 Lanes of fairly flat Stoney Creek Road at Beverly Hills-Forest Road at Hurstville
  • 6 Lanes on Railway Overpass is within 250 metres of Forest Road
  • 4 Lanes with many inclines Woniora Road Hurstville-Connells Point Road South Hurstville

Minister Pavey needs to complete the job and join 6 lanes of King Georges Road between Beverly Hills and South Hurstville.


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