Kimberley & Pilbara Environmental Conservation Boost

Kimberley & Pilbara Environmental Conservation Boost

Western Australia Minister for Environment Donna Faragher

Kimberley And Pilbara Receive $1 Million Conservation Boost

Victor P Taffa

Environment Minister Donna Faragher today announced a $1 Million State Government investment into priority Nature Conservation Projects in the Kimberley and Pilbara Regions, including $750,000 for the Continuation of the State Cane Toad Initiative.

The Projects are part of a $3.75 Million targeted investment by the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) in 2010-11 to implement projects for the conservation of Western Australia’s Native Plants, Animals and Ecosystems.

Mrs. Faragher said projects in the State’s North-West were focused on Pest Animal Control because the world-renowned area’s distinctive Ecosystems required Protection.

“The Kimberley and Pilbara contain species of flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world, but the impacts of pest animals and invasive weeds present very real threats to the region’s biodiversity.” the Minister said.



“One of the major threats is the cane toad, and the State Government has allocated $750,000 this year to provide an integrated response to the cane toad threat via the ‘Cane Toad Strategy for Western Australia 2009-10.”

“The strategy has three goals:  to maximise understanding of cane toads, their impacts and management options; to minimise the impact of cane toads; and to discover and implement long-term management solutions for the control of cane toads.” Mrs. Faragher said.

“This funding complements State Government funding of $1.2 Million over four years allocated to the Kimberley Toad Busters.”

The Minister said that in line with the Kimberley Science and Conservation Strategy, a fire management research project aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of current DEC prescribed burning in maintaining biodiversity in the north Kimberley would also be continued, with an investment of $50,000.

“Improved fire management and re-establishing a regime of cooler mosaic burning earlier in the dry season was one of the main issues identified in consultations over the development of the strategy.” the Minister said.

In the Pilbara, efforts will focus on pest animal control, including completion of construction of a fence on the Southern Boundary of the Cane River- Mt. Minnie Conservation Park, as part of a Broader Program to reduce the impact of Pest Animals in the area.