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Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott

Kevin Rudd Not Across The Detail On The Constitutional Recognition Of Indigenous Australians

Victor P Taffa

It was disappointing to hear Mr. Rudd’s comments this morning that demonstrated that he is unaware of the Coalition’s commitment to the Constitutional recognition of Indigenous people, Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said.

Mr. Rudd asked whether I was “prepared to be positive in bringing forward a rapid conclusion to the content of the question for the recognition of the First Australians”. (Interview with Julia Christensen, ABC Radio Darwin)

“This statement was repeated by Mr. Rudd at his subsequent doorstop interview. If Mr. Rudd was across the detail he would know that it is Coalition policy, if elected, to release for public consultation a draft constitutional amendment within 12 months of taking office.” Mr. Abbott said.

“I hope Mr. Rudd can now commit to a similar timetable and put politics aside on this very important issue.”

“An acknowledgement of Aboriginal people as the first Australians would complete our Constitution rather than change it.” Mr. Abbott said.

“A referendum recognising Aboriginal people as the first Australians could be a unifying and liberating moment for our nation.” Mr. Abbott said.


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