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Kerang In Need Of Adequate Level Crossing Boom Gates

Victor P Taffa

Tony Galloway

The truck driver who drove into the side of a V-line passenger train at the Kerang level crossing and killed eleven people has been acquitted of all charges.

He “Couldn’t explain” why he didn’t see the crossing signals and was acquitted by a Jury.

The members of the jury must have never seen a train from the inside. Possibly they themselves also crossed rail lines without looking and trusting trains is very rare.

Therefore they thought it was normal and the truck driver had just bad luck to be there at the wrong moment.

This is definitely a case of entrenched car mind-set. The Kerang trial was told that level crossing lights were hard to see.

The trial of the truck driver accused of causing the fatal Kerang train crash has been told about problems seeing warning lights at the level crossing.

As at September 2009 the Brumby Government has failed to install boom gates at any of the Kerang level crossings.


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