Keep Santa Claus Happy And Buy Local Seafood

Keep Santa Claus Happy And Buy Local Seafood

Northern Territory Minister for Primary Industry and Resources Ken Vowles

Keep It Local This Christmas

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Primary Industry and Resources, Ken Vowles, is encouraging Territorians to buy local seafood this Christmas to support local businesses and jobs.

“Here in the Territory we have high quality fresh and tasty seafood, thanks to our well managed fisheries.” Mr. Vowles said. 

“Buying local and supporting our seafood industry results in supporting and securing local jobs for Territorians.”

“More than 650 businesses across the Northern Territory are directly involved in the professional seafood industry, which employs more than 1,500 people.”

“It’s a great way to spend Christmas Day in our wonderful part of the world with the tastiest and freshest seafood on offer, so make sure you stock up on some local seafood and help support Territory businesses.”

There is an estimated $1.4 Billion invested in licences, vessels and equipment operated in Northern Territory waters, land based support structures and aquaculture ventures.

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Northern Territory Seafood Council Chief Executive Officer Katherine Winchester, said fish retailers will be working long hours to bring Territorians high quality seafood to enjoy this Christmas, with boats unloading and delivering produce nonstop.

According to Ms. Winchester Fish species commonly caught in Territory waters around this time of year are

  • Red Snappers,
  • Saddletail Snapper,
  • Goldband Snapper,
  • Black Jewfish,
  • Spanish Mackerel.

Farmed Barramundi is available all year round.

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“Buying local seafood is made so much easier here in the Territory thanks to our leading seafood labelling laws, which allow consumers to have confidence in choosing our high quality local seafood.”

“NT seafood labelling laws are unique in Australia so consumers can be confident they are buying local, not imported seafood.” Ms. Winchester said.