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Polling Day Saturday 17 March 2018

South Australia Electoral Commission

Kavel Voters Go To The Polls

Victor P Taffa

South Australia Electoral Commission has released candidate First Preference Votes polled for Kavel District in the South Australia State Election held on Saturday 17 March 2018.

24,139 Electors Enrolled

7 Nominated Candidates In Ballot Paper Draw Order

Candidate                          Party             Votes           % Vote

GROSSER Ian                        GRN               1,963               9.1%

DALLIMORE Glen               ALP                3,436               15.9%

STRATFORD Andrew           SAB                4,217               19.6%

HOLLOW Howard                AC                  615                  2.9%

RODERT Cristina                   DIG                 313                  1.5%

PFEIFFER Louise                  AJP                 644                  3.0%

CREGAN Dan                        LIB                 10,374             48.1%

Total Formal:                                          21,562             96.4%

Total Informal:                                           816                  3.6%

Total Ballot Papers:                               22,378             100.00%


Two Candidate Preferred

Candidate                           Party            Votes               % Vote

STRATFORD Andrew           SAB                8,684               40.3%

CREGAN Dan                        LIB                 12,878             59.7%

Results Are Final



GRN               The Greens

ALP                Australian Labor Party

SAB                South Australia Best

AC                  Australian Conservatives

DIG                 Dignity Party Inc.

AJP                 Animal Justice Party

LIB                 Liberal Party


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