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Northern Territory Minister for Police Fire and Emergency Services Nicole Manison

New CCTV Cameras For Karama Shopping Plaza

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Police, Nicole Manison, and Member for Karama, Ngaree Ah Kit, today announced the installation of permanent CCTV cameras around the Karama Shopping Plaza.

Since 2016, almost 400 extra CCTV cameras have been installed across the Northern Territory and 17 additional mobile CCTV units have been deployed to give our Police more eyes to detect and deter crime.

“When we came to government there were 190 CCTV cameras in the Territory, now there are almost 600. This is more resources to help Police cut crime.” Minister for Police Fire and Emergency Services Nicole Manison said.

“CCTV is proven to help stop crime before it happens, moderate an individual’s behaviour and assist in court proceedings.”

That record CCTV rollout will continue with 19 new cameras to be installed at Karama Shopping Plaza and will include audio capability, allowing operators to send messages or instructions to individuals.

“These cameras will keep locals safe and help catch anyone doing the wrong thing.” Member for Karama Ngaree Ah Kit said.

Installation of the cameras will help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, making the centre a safer and more enjoyable place to visit.

Cameras will feed back into the City Safe CCTV System at the Joint Emergency Services Communications Centre which operates 24/7.


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