Kangaroo Creek Dam To Be Upgraded

Kangaroo Creek Dam To Be Upgraded

South Australia Minister for Water and the River Murray Ian Hunter

Kangaroo Creek Dam Upgrade Progresses Adding Height And Widening Spillway

Victor P Taffa

SA Water is undertaking the second and third stages of work in a $94 Million safety upgrade of Kangaroo Creek Dam in the Adelaide Hills.

“Kangaroo Creek Dam upgrade is an important piece of work to bring a critical piece of SA Water’s infrastructure in line with new national safety standards.” Minister for Water and the River Murray Ian Hunter said.

“Our state’s dams form an integral part of the water supply system and it’s imperative they can continue to be safe and reliable into the future.”

Kangaroo Creek Dam Upgrade project will widen the spillway by an average of 33 Metres and strengthen and increase the dam wall height by 5 Metres.

This will help SA Water better manage any major floods and increase the dam’s ability to withstand earthquakes.

Reservoir’s water level has been gradually lowered over the past few months to around 60 % to allow works on the dam outlet to resume following heavy rainfall mid-last year.

Minor blasting to remove rock from the hillside next to the spillway also commenced in August 2016 and will continue for the next several months.



South Australian contractor Bardavcol began construction in early 2016, with work expected to be completed in 2019.

220 full-time workers are employed directly and indirectly for the life of the project.

During blasting events at the dam, traffic restrictions are in place to ensure the safety of motorists on Gorge Road and each blast is designed and monitored to ensure noise and vibration is appropriately controlled.

Lowering of the reservoir level has also been timed (where possible) to support initiatives such as amenity flows in the River Torrens to help with the control of blue green algae.

Included in the project’s cost is around $1 Million for the revegetation of two other dam sites to offset the removal of vegetation at Kangaroo Creek during construction.