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Deputy Nationals Senate Leader Fiona Nash

PM’s Problem Is Performance Not Gender

Victor P Taffa

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s ‘war on men’ is a politically self-serving strategy that demeans all women and distracts from the Labor Government’s numerous policy failures, according to Deputy Leader of the Nationals in the Senate, Fiona Nash.

“Julia Gillard should be well aware that criticism of her has nothing to do with the fact she is a woman and everything to do with the fact she is doing bad job.” Senator Nash said.

“For her to hide behind her gender is just self-serving political hypocrisy. Women around Australia were appalled that the PM would see fit to vote for Peter Slipper to stay as speaker after his awful, awful derogatory comments about women.”

“Yet, under the PM’s new paradigm any criticism of any woman is off limits for political correctness reasons. However the suggestion that some politicians are beyond reproach simply because they are women actually demeans all women.”

Senator Nash said the absurdity of the PM’s new benchmark was illustrated when Ms. Gillard was forced to apologise for a Union comedian’s bad joke about Mr. Abbott’s female chief of staff.

“This is political correctness gone mad and I just don’t think it is the Australian way.” Senator Nash said.

“As I travel around the regions, people tell me they want a competent Prime Minister male or female and they don’t think they are getting that from Ms. Gillard.”

“They are rightly angry about the carbon tax lie, the border protection mess and the enormous amount of waste and mismanagement which has brought Australia record debt that will have to be paid back by the next generation.”

“The PM should stop bleating about misogyny, and get on with trying to run the country.” Senator Nash said.


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