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South Australia Shadow Attorney General Stephen Wade

Rau’s Reviews Roll On

Victor P Taffa

Attorney General John Rau’s cyber bullying announcement is yet another grab for a headline all spin and no substance.

“Mr. Rau has announced a staggering 12 reviews in 12 months but we have seen absolutely no results.” Shadow Attorney General Stephen Wade said today.

The 12 Reviews include:

  • Fines Payment;
  • Public integrity;
  • Court efficiency review;
  • Propensity evidence;
  • Tattoos;
  • Discounts for early pleas;
  • Graffiti Control;
  • Strata Title;
  • Food donor protection;
  • Legal practitioners act;
  • Security industry trainers;
  • Cyber bullying.

“In typical Labor-style, today’s announcement is a thought-bubble, lacking in detail.” Mr. Wade said.

“We have no indication of how this initiative will be policed or how we can avoid people being unfairly caught by the legislation.”

“Instead of chasing headlines, Labor should focus on acting swiftly to address the problem of bullying in schools.” Mr. Wade said.

“South Australians are getting tired of Labor’s endless string of reviews that never result in any action from this tired and stagnant Government.” Mr. Wade said.


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