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Victoria Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business Louise Asher

India-Victoria Nano-Biotechnology Research Centre Opens

Victor P Taffa

A new world-class India-Victoria project focused on cutting edge technology to tackle critical issues of global importance was opened today in India by Victorian Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business Louise Asher.

The TERI-Deakin University Nano-Biotechnology Research Centre is a joint venture between The Energy and Resources Institute of India (TERI) and Deakin University.

Ms. Asher joined Nobel Laureate and TERI Director Dr R. K. Pachauri to inaugurate the New Delhi facility as part of her engagements during the Victorian Government’s Super Trade Mission to India.

Ms. Asher said the Centre would address issues including food security in changing climates, environmental remediation using natural products, better health through novel molecules and better life quality in developing communities.

“The knowledge and expertise this impressive TERI-Deakin facility will attract has the ability to deliver life-long and life-changing benefits to many deserving communities.” Ms. Asher said.

“Victoria is proudly represented by the team from Deakin University’s Institute for Technology Research and Innovation, who bring a wealth of experience in the design and characterisation of novel nano-materials which are vital to this work.”

Around 70 researchers, including up to 50 PhD students from Deakin, are expected to be using the facility within five years. Students will be co-supervised by both Deakin and TERI staff, further strengthening education ties between Victoria and India.

Ms. Asher is in India as part of Australia’s largest ever trade mission which includes more than 200 Victorian organisations and senior Victorian Ministers as part of the Victorian Government’s Trade Engagement Program with India.


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