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Western Australia Minister for Emergency Services Rob Johnson

Kununurra To Benefit From New Emergency Services Facility

Victor P Taffa

Kununurra’s Fire and Emergency Service Volunteers will now operate from a $2.89 Million purpose-built facility, which will significantly support their efforts in protecting the Kimberley community.

Emergency Services Minister Rob Johnson today officially opened the Kununurra State Emergency Service (SES) and Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service (VFRS) Collocated Facility.

Mr. Johnson said the State Government would continue to support and develop the State’s ability to effectively manage and respond to emergencies to ensure all West Australians were well protected.



The Minister said the volunteers had worked hard with the Fire and Emergency Services Authority and the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley to make their project a reality.

“What has been accomplished here is a tremendous example of how our frontline emergency services work together to protect local communities.”

“Volunteers are the backbone of emergency services in places like Kununurra and the community is fortunate to be able to rely on such a dedicated group of people to be there in times of need.” the Minister said.

“This new facility will enable emergency services in Kununurra to better meet the growing demands of the community and the broader Kimberley Region.”

“It will allow volunteers to manage their community prevention and preparation programs, store and care for their vehicles and equipment, as well as train and socialise together.”

Mr. Johnson said the Government had allocated $60.6 Million in the State Budget to increase emergency planning and response capabilities in communities across the State, which would include more capital funding grants to local governments, emergency service volunteers and vulnerable remote communities.

The new Kununurra SES and VFRS Collocated Facility are located at the corner of Coolibah Drive and Ivanhoe Road, Kununurra.


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