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Queensland Minister for Sport Mick de Brenni

Queensland Proud Of Millman’s US Open Success

Victor P Taffa

Queensland’s Sports Minister Mick de Brenni has congratulated self-described “proud Queenslander” and outstanding tennis player John Millman.

Minister de Brenni said John had stunned the international tennis world by beating world number 2 Roger Federer in the US Open.

“On the very first time John went up against a top ten player, he knocked him out of the running it’s just outstanding.” Minister de Brenni said.

“Last Australian to beat Federer in a grand slam match was also a Queenslander, and that was Pat Rafter in 1999.”

“John may have stunned the international tennis world, but we know that Queenslanders are absolutely determined to succeed.”

“Queenslanders have grit and determination, and if there’s anyone who typifies that, it’s John Millman.” Minister de Brenni said.

Tennis Queensland CEO Mark Handley said Mr. Millman had battled multiple injuries through the course of his career, including some surgeries to repair hip and shoulder injuries.

“If there’s ever been someone who met the definition of perseverance it’s John.” Mr. Handley said.

“He’s been battling injury the whole time, and he’s finally managed to get his body fit and healthy and just in time.”

“It was a tough match. We thought that Federer’s experience would put him on the back foot, but it was the opposite it was John’s experience of injury kept him pushing and got him across the line.”

“John’s a human brick wall. He had no fear in the end, and he got the win.” Mr. Handley said.


QLD Minister for Sport Mick de Brenni









Minister de Brenni said he would be looking forward to seeing Mr. Millman take the fight to Novak Djokovic in the quarter final on Thursday.

“That never say die attitude that’s what Queenslanders do.” Minister de Brenni said.

John Millman won in 4 Sets. 

3-6, 7-5, 7-6, 7-6


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