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South Australia Shadow Minister for Employment David Pisoni

Weatherill Breaks Labor’s Jobs Promise

Victor P Taffa

A focus on jobs was absent from Treasurer Snelling’s budget speech because figures in this budget confirm Premier Weatherill has broken Labor’s 2010 core election promise of creating 100,000 new jobs over six years.

“Labor’s own budget papers confirm jobs growth in South Australia will remain stagnant at well under 2 % each year until 2016, delivering only half of the 100,000 jobs promised by Labor at the 2010 election.” Shadow Employment Minister David Pisoni said.

“Labor’s own figures over the forward estimates show there will only be 62,000 new jobs in South Australia by 2016.”

“The Liberal Party has been warning South Australians since last year’s budget that fewer and fewer South Australians are working full time every month.”

“Since last year’s budget 20,300 full time jobs have disappeared.” Mr Pisoni said.

“If Labor were to meet their election commitment they would have delivered 36,000 new jobs, however to date they have delivered less than 14,000 part time jobs. This budget confirms that jobs growth is running at half pace.”

“Since 2007 Labor has rotated four Ministers through the Employment portfolio jobs planning in South Australia have been non-existent and jobs growth has stalled due the lack of commitment and vision of the Weatherill Labor Government.” Mr. Pisoni said.


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