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South Australia Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Adrian Pederick

Labor Fails Again On Regional Industry And Jobs

Victor P Taffa

Once again South Australians see the State Labor government reacting to crises rather than getting in ahead to avert them.

News that more jobs will be lost with the closure of Australia’s last remaining tuna processing factory at Pt. Lincoln follows a familiar theme says Shadow Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Adrian Pederick.

“Recently, 100 jobs were lost from National Foods in the Riverland, and then Carter Holt Harvey shed 130 jobs in the South-East, now Kimberley Clark’s paper operation at Millicent, which generates an estimated 1500 jobs in the region, is at risk of dropping manufacture of tissue paper.” Mr. Pederick said.

“The list goes on. In the context of rural SA, these are massive job losses, the pain of which will eventually be felt in the city.”



“The Rann Labor government always bobs up after the event. Why aren’t they taking preventative action by creating or preserving an economic environment that protects industry and employment?” Mr. Pederick demanded to know.

“Rann’s city-centric vision is rapidly destroying community’s right across country SA. The focus seems to be always on post-disaster packages.” Mr. Pederick said.

“If elected, a Liberal government will match the retraining offer as proposed, but our focus will be on saving jobs and industries rather than sweeping up the wreckage.” Mr. Pederick said.

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