Jewell Railway Station Upgrade A Step Closer

Jewell Railway Station Upgrade A Step Closer

Victoria Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder

Community Input Shaping A Revitalised Jewell Station

Victor P Taffa

Jewell Station is a step closer to becoming a local gem for the Brunswick community after a community engagement process into revitalising the station precinct, Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder said today.

“The community’s strong view is that any future development should transform the area into a safe and active place while still retaining a sense of Brunswick.” Mr. Mulder said.

Mr Mulder said VicTrack was investigating the potential to transform the Jewell Station Precinct into a lively community place, together with improvements to the station and surrounding land, funded through proposed residential, office and retail developments.

“More than 100 people who are regular users of the area got involved and had a say on the future of their station precinct.” Mr. Mulder said.


“The majority of views focused on creating a great place that not only provided a convenient public transport hub, but would also attract the local community and visitors to a vibrant and lively place to meet and socialise.”

Key findings included the community’s strong desire for future redevelopment of the site to:

  • Make the precinct safe and accessible for all users;
  • Enhance the heritage station to improve commuters’ experience;
  • Be an active and lively place for the community;
  • Provide more green and open areas.

Mr. Mulder said the fact finding mission had generated a wealth of ideas for making the precinct into a place the community could be proud of and a critical factor would be good design that complements and integrates with the local Brunswick character.

“Community input from residents, traders and commuters has been an integral part of this process and will help shape the final design for the precinct.” Mr. Mulder said.

VicTrack will carefully consider all community feedback in finalising its proposal for the Jewell Station Precinct. Subject to commercial viability, the project will be delivered in partnership with the private sector.