Japan Is 14% Up March 2018 In Tourism Destinations For Australian Travellers

Japan Is 14% Up March 2018 In Tourism Destinations For Australian Travellers

Australian Bureau Of Statistics

Asian Destinations Increase In Popularity For Aussies

Victor P Taffa

Indonesia, China, Thailand, India and Japan all feature amongst the most popular destinations for Australian travellers, according to the latest data released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

ABS Director of Migration Statistics, Myles Burleigh, said that not only were these countries amongst the most popular, many had also seen continued growth.


“Indonesia has long been a favourite destination for Australians, and more than 90,000 of us returned from short term trips to Indonesia in March. However, a number of other Asian countries are rapidly catching up. China has really grown in popularity in recent times; 47,000 Australians returned from China, up 5 % on last year.” Mr. Burleigh said.

“Japan is up 14 % on last year, and India and Vietnam both up around 11 %. Singapore however bucked the trend, down 6 %.”

NZ remained the most popular destination overall, with 130,000 residents returning in March. However, this represented a 3 % decline.

US saw a decrease of 2 % whereas the UK was the only non-Asian destination in the top 10 up on last year, increasing by 3 %.

Top 10 Travel Destinations By Growth From One Year Ago

Country of Stay(a)                               Mar ‘17 to Mar ‘18               Original

                                                                        Trend % change                      ‘000

Japan                                                               14%                                         35.4

India                                                                11%                                         35.8

Vietnam                                                          11%                                         28.7

China                                                               5%                                           46.9

UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man       3%                                           23.8

Thailand                                                          3%                                           42.7

Indonesia                                                        0%                                           90.3

United States of America                            -2%                                          62.3

New Zealand                                                   -3%                                          130.2

Singapore                                                        -6%                                          34.2

(a) Top 10 destination countries based on original estimates for Short-term Resident Returns, Australia – March 2018.


NZ                   New Zealand

UK                  United Kingdom

US                   United States of America