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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Management Elise Archer

Libs Renew Call For Mandatory Sentences For Assaults Against Emergency Service Personnel

Victor P Taffa

It’s time for the Government to get serious about assaults on our emergency service personnel, and adopt the Liberal policy of mandatory sentences, Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Management Elise Archer said.

“Already on a suspended sentence for assaulting a Police officer, an offender was yesterday reportedly given another suspended sentence for a second assault on a Police officer.”

“Clearly, suspended sentences are no deterrent to serious assaults against emergency service workers.” Ms. Archer said.

“The slap on the wrist approach for people who assault Police is unacceptable.”

“Tasmania Police and emergency service workers perform difficult work often in life threatening situations and deserve to be treated with the upmost respect and they should not have to put up with assault and abuse.”

“The Liberals believe mandatory minimum sentences for offenders who assault Police and emergency service workers is essential and sends the clear message that the community will not tolerate such appalling behaviour.” Ms. Archer said.

“Emergency service personnel deserve our respect, support and protection against violence they don’t deserve to have assaults against them met with a slap on the wrist, time and time again.”

“The Liberals are calling on the Green-Labor government to show they are serious about supporting emergency workers by backing our policy of minimum mandatory sentences for assaults against them.” Ms. Archer said.


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